L/R I/O ’04


L/R I/O (aka. LEFT/RIGHT IN/OUT) (2004) uses custom sensors to generate a silent cinematic experience that attempts to redirect the viewer’s gaze back to the other viewers within the gallery space. L/R I/O heightens communal interaction through the generation of short narratives of a figure moving in and out of common objects, interfaces, and spaces. As the viewer moves right or left he or she will generate one by one, these short in/out narratives. But is more than one narrative Is triggered at the same time they serve to block, conceal, or abstract the other action. The viewer’s attention is then redirected back into the physical space to the other inhabitants in search of who is affecting the narrative. The fact that the piece is silent, it influences viewers to speak to one another to discuss the interface and interaction. Materials: Computer, Projector, cardboard tubes, 6 photocels, 6 laser pointers, mounting hardware


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