Max Kazemzadeh, PhD, MFA, is an interactive artist/engineer and the founding owner of Wonderblimp Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Washington, DC and Dallas, Texas. Wonderblimp offers midsize to large companies branding, identity development and advising, marketing, print, interactive, phone applications, 2D/3D animation, photography and film services. Wonderblimp also develops custom interactive installation experiences with a range of advanced hardware and software for kiosks, booths, and displays at conventions and for special presentation formats.

Wonderblimp Advertising is a result of the merging of Wonderblimp Interactive (NYC, Washington, DC) and PGS Advertising (Dallas, Texas) to provide clients with a one-stop-shop of full-service marketing and advertising solutions.

Kazemzadeh worked as a university professor for over 20 years, has served as the director of an art & media design program for 7.5 years, and as an elected department chairperson that oversaw three programs concurrently (art, communication & theater) for 3.5 years. Kazemzadeh worked full-time at the University of North Texas and Gallaudet University and part-time at Pratt Institute (University) and worked for year in the print and interactive advertising industry, namely for companies such as R/GA Interactive and PGS Advertising. Kazemzadeh served as the founding director of an automated fabrication studio and MakerSpace named the “TinkerLab” in Washington, DC, which was supported annually by a NASA Space Grant that he was awarded between 2015 and 2023. Kazemzadeh also worked on a larger multi-institutional creative educational placemaking project which lasted from 2015-2021 entitled “Finding A Line / CRATERs” with GMU and the Kennedy Center to convert a wooden skateboard bowl into an interactive technological research space and classroom. Kazemzadeh designed workshops and courses around a technological kit he developed to teach data visualization using data collected from the complex movements of a skateboard moving throughout the bowl transitions.

Kazemzadeh uses a syncretic approach to investigate connections between art, technology, and consciousness in his research, experiments and interactive installations. For the last ten years his work investigated the influence constructed, semi-conscious interfaces had on human perception and interaction.

Kazemzadeh has exhibited in international exhibitions, including solo and group exhibitions spanning the globe, including locations like New York City, Beijing, Madrid, Kefalonia, Manizalez, and his home city of Washington DC. Kazemzadeh has taught international interactive art workshops and has given artist talks around the world. Kazemzadeh has also curated international exhibitions.