Below is a list of links to some of the creative works in a range of interactive media that my students created in either a course or workshop that I taught either within or outside the US.

Below are a few photo highlights of a select group of older notable interactive student works:

Ultrasonic Powow was a performance collaboration trio that employed hardware sensors affixed to custom designed staffs that when engaged generated custom programmed software music

WIFI-Chyme was a project that captured the strength of available wifi signals in any given location and used the values captured to generate a range of diverse hardware frequency sounds. The final version reflected metal casing and backpack straps so that the device could be worn.

Ticker-Talk was a project that translated web activity into graphical value output on a running LED screen. Light sensors affixed to one vertical line on the front of the LED screen captured the light output 30 frames per second which then generated music.

Active thought used computer vision to capture the position, size and movement of the people in the room and culled those values into generative music via the cone.

Surface Tension was a project that welcomed participants to use a custom hardware glove to interact with a mannequin. Depending on the location of the interaction, colors appearing on the screen above and sounds are triggered.