Is an interactive multimedia installation that uses two custom programmed microcontrollers(mini specialized computers, with distance sensors to track viewers positions in space. Viewer position information is used to control two motors that physically draw patterns on two digital tablets. The drawn movements in effect control the movements of both figure and ground in a projected digital environement. The figure in the case is a Japanese interactive toy bottle topper with an embedded sound sensor that dances when music is played. He is captured via live video feed, and thrown into the lounge scene(containing soda machines) of the real-time running half life first-person shooter video game.

Materials: Computer, 2 Basic Stamp Microcontrollers, 2 tripods, 2 steel coat hangars, 2 wacom tablets, 2 Art Forum magazines, projector, Japanese sound responsive bottle top toy, 2 servo motors, half life 2 video game, web camera, wires, usb extension cables, sprite bottle


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