Open Source Eating (OSE) Android Application (2011) – Tian Li, Refarm: Hernani Dias, Max Kazemzadeh, Diego Paonessa, and Collaborators

Re:Farm Open Source Eating (OSE) is an Android application developed in Phone Gap and Open Street Maps at Medialab Prado with Re:farm in June 2011, which allows hungry individuals find the location of and contact people as well as local DIY urban community farms that have a surplus of organic fruit, vegetables, and more. Locations of people are highlighted, based on proximity, as clickable pins in Open Street Maps with their contact information and phone number stored in each pin. The Open Source Eating application interface displays what surplus food individuals or farms may have as well as projected surpluses in the future based on food growth rates. More detailed information about starting your own farm, diy and sustainable solutions growing live archive and connecting with other farmers through chat interface, is also included in a section of the app. The project was proposed by Tian Li to MediaLab Prado and developed with a host of collaborators, which I was one.

Materials: Android phone, Phone Gap, JQuery


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