i.m.pshovr (2008) – by Max Kazemzadeh and Collaborators (Edgar Zu and Mauro Herrera) at Interactivos 2008 in Mexico City

i.m.pshovr (developed at Interactivos 2008 Mexico City with collaborators Edgar Zu and Mauro Herrera) is an intimate and public experience that encapsulates each of our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and failures in one humbling gesture of being pushed over. i.m.pshovr welcomes viewer/users to physically interact with a virtual pacing character on screen. Interacting with the character in different ways pushes the character over in different ways.
Within i.m.pshovr’s environments there is an area where visitors can record themselves walking, tripping, falling, turning, and jumping and and upload them into an interactive environment where they themselves or others can push them down, trip them, etc. INTERACTIVE NOTE: Pushing the character’s upper body from the right causes the character fall to the left onto the ground, and pushing the character from the left causes the character fall to the right onto the ground. When the character is pushed from below, the character flips up in the air in the direction he/she is already moving. If the character is hit from above, he/she falls straight down to the ground.Materials: 2 Computers, 2 web cameras, green screen, foam pad, infrared lighting, infrared filter, projector, 2 arduino, mirror, spring, lcd touch screen, buttons, plastic box, wiring



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