Spin.Flick (2006) is an interactive installation that incorporates a custom built light sensitive surface made from 504 light sensors (photoresistors), a few coins from different countries, 10 custom programmed microcontrollers, and 64 lights to create an abstract timebased narrative from the flicking and spinning of a simple coin. In interactive experiences one triggers events either passively or actively and then serves as a spectator watching the feedback generated by the system in response to the user’s gesture input. Spin.Flick is an interface that extends the viewer’s initial gesture of flicking a coin using the spinning dance of the coin to create a real-time encoded light dance on a larger scale throughout the room. (note: Documentation is from an installation in Beijing, China, at The Beijing Cubic Contemporary Art Center (http://www.11-art.com) in the 798 Dashanzi Contemporary Art District. The opening was followed by a symposium called “Hormone” including international new media art curators, writers, artists, and professors. Following this exhibition, spin.flick went on to exhibit at the microwave festival in Hong Kong in 2006, invited by Barbara London curatorial director at the Museum of Modern Art in New York) Materials: 14 Basic Stamp Microcontrollers, capacitors, 520 photoresistors, wire, 60 solid state relay switches, 250 light bulbs, plastic box, glass, lighting, power cables






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