FEUD ’04


Feud (2004) is an interactive installation that abstracts and distorts elements from the popular game show Family Feud, and invites gallery-goers to enter into what looks like a game show film-set/production-studio to play the game by physically engaging with the central console that appears in the show. Feud welcomes the viewer to interact with the central console by pressing on the button stalks that protrude out of its top, as was in the original game show console. When one button is pressed, a red “strike” appears as a surgical-image blood-splat masked in the form of an “X” above the head of the opponent and the striker is awarded one point, which appears in the scoreboard on screen. The Family Feud game show gave a strike for a wrong answer, and if one family received 3 strikes they would lose control of the game. Each time a strike is called, one of fifteen different sound bytes are randomly called and played. The sound-bytes are varying sounds from death scenes that mimic an array of sounds from popular video games.
The array of iconography that appears in the physical space and the digital game (including the console as well as the projector housing) are a playful exaggeration of what can result from an actual family feud or feud. Japanese animations such as the film Akira (1988), with its scenes Tetsuo encountered immersive/gore hallucinations were referenced when playfully transforming the Family Feud set into the more stark and extreme Feud interactive installation.As visitors/participants enter the room, they will hear the sound track from the 1977 game show Family Feud slowed down to 1/20th the original speed; the once upbeat song is now an eerie, deep, crawling drone that immerses the viewer. The projection twitches almost as if we are receiving a bad signal of a televised transmission from somewhere on the other side of the planet. 14′ x 6′ x 10′ (variable dimensions) wood, paint, computer, projector, wiring, sensors, metal, plastic, rubber, serial interface, springs, speakers






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