Conscious Containers amplifies the sound of sharpening a pencil to the point at which it physically shakes your body while revealing, in the form of a series of tweets, the wandering subconscious reflections that run through our minds when we are engaged in a mundane task, like sharpening a pencil. With all of the recent advancements in technology, from touch screens to voice response systems, the act of sharpening a pencil seems more obsolete day by day, especially when embedded into such a complex digital system. With iconic references to art, public school, and Scantron testing, breaking a sharp pencil is quite a jarring accident, that leads to slight frustration, and sometimes pessimistic thoughts on one’s present position in the long hall of life. (This project uses an Arduino Demulenova, Arduino Ethernet Shield, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, Lapel Mic, Electronic Op Amplifier, “Half Stack” Speakers, Guitar Amplifier, Computer for displaying Twitter (real-time), Television, Pencils, and a Pencil Sharpener.)


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