Computer vision project with face recognition developed for the from MCentral’s Millinial Trains Inaugural Weekend Exhibition & Ball. Installation titled “The Other Side of the Tracks (2013)” where one participant becomes the “Prince” (w/a crown & an animated chest of gold which opens and closes revealing the gold) and the other participant becomes the “Pauper” (w/a tattered hat and an empty paper plate). An train track with an animated train dividing the screen down the middle, moves its horizontal position to always stay in between and separate the two participants. When the participants move close enough to touch one another the text appears stating “You have successfully crossed the tracks!”
In the background one can hear the Jefferson’s TV show sound track “Well we’re moving in up…” When the two people physically move close together, the system detects it and text appears reading “you’ve successfully crossed the tracks.” The theme of the MCentral’s Millinial Trains Inaugural Weekend Exhibition & Ball, as well as the conference the following morning investigated the history and influence of trains on the US, our identity, connection to the past, and on our present community. “The Other Side of the Tracks (2013)” highlights the characteristic imposed on train-tracks by corporations and politicians all over the country which utilized train-tracks everywhere as an opportunity to divide cities into wealthy and impoverished neighborhoods, which served to reinforce many other societal and racial divisions. The popular Jeffersons TV show highlighted many racial and social issues in their episodes. The interactive component encourages individuals to cross the tracks as a simple reward highlighting the unifying gesture.


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