This documentation shows the interactive system developed by Max Kazemzadeh for his course ART 495 Skateboarding, Tracking & Data Visualization Course, being demonstrated by skateboarder Deeba Yavrom. The course was offered three times at Gallaudet as a cross-disciplinary course with the general studies GSR 240 course. This took place in the bowl renamed CRATERs: Collaborative Research-space for Art, Technology, Engineering, Robotics and Skateboarding, after moving from the Kennedy Center where it was part of the larger project entitled “Finding a Line.”
The Gallaudet CRATERs : Finding A Line Bowl was initially built by Dave Mutarelli (Lifetime Decks LLC) and Ben Ashworth (Sculpture Faculty at GMU) as commissioned by The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The Kennedy Center’s “Finding A Line” event was led by the its VP for Community Engagement hosted a number of professional skateboarders, musicians, artists, and the public to come skate and create together in the Center’s front yard. After the event, the Kennedy Center donated the bowl to Gallaudet University in order to serve the creative, academic and collaborative initiatives which began with a Special Topics course designed and taught by Gallaudet Associate Professor Max Kazemzadeh’s entitled “Skateboarding, Tracking & Data Visualization,” which has attracted ongoing support from the NASA Space Grant initiated by Gallaudet Chemistry & Physics Professor Dr. Dave Snyder, which now has a dedicated financial extension for the course.


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