This was the Birdsong Diamond: Mimic Remote Field Recording Trigger Transmitter System (June 2015) Kazemzadeh developed for the workshop at Harvestworks, NYC that became the East/West Coast Transmission Performance with Victoria Vesna, Charles Taylor, Joel Ong, Mick Larousso and Claudia Jacques

Birdsong Diamond: Mimic (2015) was installed at Governors Island around the time of the Birdsong Diamond: Mimic Performance in Times Square (2015). The installation includes two static pods that are mounted to a tripod in separate rooms, which influences a generative diamond projected on the ground in the central room. A separate system tracked visitors in that main room and based on their stillness or hyperactive movements 25 ultrasonic speakers would project sounds of many or few birds chirping into the space. Also a projection displaying video from birds eye view or from the ground would alternate also depending on the stillness of the visitors. When visitors are still more bird sounds congregate, and the video scenes get closer to the ground. When visitors are active, bird sounds dissipate to very few, and the video scenes move upwards into the air showing the ground from a birds eye view. Project Collaborators include: Dr. Victoria Vesna, Dr. Charles Taylor, Dr. Joel Ong, John Brumley, Aisen Caro Chasin, Max Kazemzadeh


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